The management of losses falling within the Self-Insured Retention (S.I.R.) threshold addresses both public or private realities (such as brokers, public bodies and administrations, GDO) that generally handle a great number of losses
falling within their policy deductibles, in reason of their size or their geographical distribution. Once appointed, C&A contacts all the involved parties to schedule an on-site inspection within 2 days.
Afterwards, according to each Insurance company’s instructions, when the investigations are completed, the damage is settled with the policyholder or the damaged parties, through the issuing of a damage assessment act.

C&A’s management ensures:

  • Direct control on settlements by monitoring the adopted instruments and procedures;
  • Accuracy and technical reliability in identifying causes and liabilities of the involved parties;
  • Certifications and the possibility to track any payment made to third parties;
  • Safeguarding and protecting customers: better customer service and customer assistance is provided;
  • Reduction of the costs arising from the court proceedings