It concerns tasks with direct repair of the losses:


  • This service is offered by the main insurance companies to their customers, directly or through their network. The damage is repaired rather than compensated;
  • This kind of settlement is quite often used around Europe and now in Italy as well;
  • This solution allows the customers to have their damage repaired, without searching for a repair shop, and the costs are kept to a minimum.

Our activity

  • The service is guaranteed through a network of repair shops all around Italy;
  • We entrust our provider with the repair, which is performed according to the highest standards and best practices, aiming at customer satisfaction;
  • It especially concerns the property losses but it can be applied also to the highest value losses, based on the Company‚Äôs instructions;
  • We monitor, supervise and arrange interventions and costs, on which basis a report is sent to the Insurer, who directly pays the provider