The C&A Group includes three major companies, Cercato & Associati, which started in the 1970s, Compass Srl which joined the Group in 2018 and,

from 2019 Special Risks, created to provide both expert and preventive assessment services for non-ordinary risks, with the aim of expanding and improving the services offered by the C&A Group in lines of business that are increasingly in demand on the market.  

 fifty years of history 
 between present and future 

Cercato&Associati fifty years of history between present and future

Cercato e Associati

C&A Cercato e Associati is first and foremost the story
of a great friendship that began on a tennis red court 
and developed into surveys and technical reports.

At that time, the protagonists were Paolo Cercato and Renzo Trevisan. «More than friends, we were brothers” Renzo recalls.” We were thirteen and we loved challenging each other in what was our first common passion, tennis». It was a bond which grew stronger overtime along with with the idea of sharing a professional project. In the 1970s; Paolo and Renzo had had meanwhile grown up, and were in their early twenties, when they started working on technical reports.

In the 1980s, they were so fond of the world of appraisal that they created the first C&A in Mestre. Renzo says «There were three of us in a 140 square meter office, we felt like we needed roller skates to move. Today, the Company consists of more than 90 people, split into several locations in Veneto and Lombardy».

Today, the C&A’s organization of experts and loss adjusters offers its technical and specialized services mainly to Insurance Companies and Courts. The headquarters location ensures the availability of C&A’s services in Triveneto and Lombardy for high-frequency property claims, and in Italy and abroad for complex claims.

Since 2018, having acquired the share majority of the Studio Compass Srl based in Treviso, the North-East coverage has been reinforced and the range of services on offer has been extended.

The work started with the late founder and mentor, Mr. Paolo Cercato, “the Engineer”, therefore continues and is strengthened by modern management of the losses, combined with the solidity and the technical and organizing rigour that continue to distinguish our Company.


 Compass Srl 
 is strength 

Compass Srl unity is strength

The origins of Compass date back to 1995 when Cercato & Associati
decided to create its own operating unit in Treviso in response to
market demand for a strong presence in the area.

Over the following years, the task force flourished and became more and more autonomous, so it was turned into an independent company. Firstly, “Centro Perizie Sile Srl” was created and then, in 2007, it became Compass Srl " the current President of Compass, Marco Capoti, tells us.

In the following years, the number of associates grew to 25 and the Company developed its own in-house expertise (in the agri-food sector and the renewable energy field, to name a few), that its customers still recognize today.

In 2018, the growing demand for specialized technical services brings Compass to its second genesis and the finalization of the corporate operation with Cercato & Associati establishes the C&A Group, which Compass is now proudly part of.

Therefore, the work of Compass continues and consolidates with an integrated and modern management of the losses, combined with the solidity and the technical and organizing precision, within the synergies of C&A Group.

 Special Risks 
 special skills 
 for non-ordinary 

Special Risks special skills for non-ordinary risks.

Special Risks Srl has been created to provide
services of both expertise and preventive
assessment for non-ordinary risks.

In particular, relying on the skills of the C&A Group’s technicians as well as on a panel of certified external consultants, it provides specific and expert advice on the following types of risk:

ART: investigation and damage assessment on assets of historic and artistic interest; assessments and prior advise during the risk-taking process, with the possibility of "mapping" the works of art or any piece of artistic value to be insured;
CYBER / GDPR: immediate interventions and evaluations of both the IT structures and the consequential losses in the event of cyber-attacks and personal data breaches according to General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679
FOREIGN AFFAIRS: technical advice for losses occurred abroad, with our on-site inspection or through the support of an international network of selected surveyors, and contacts with the appointed local solicitors.
GREENLINE: management of both property and third party liability claims related to both field and tree crops, zootechnics, wildlife management, forestry and arboriculture and urban green areas.
ENVIRONMENTAL: assessment of causes, liability and estimate of the costs of environmental restoration, as required by the current regulations (Decree 152/06) and prior environmental risk assessment related to production activities.
TRANSPORT: carrying out of expert assignments on transported goods, carriers' liability and hull policies.
KINEMATIC RECONSTRUCTIONS of road accidents and occupational injuries (Employers’ liability and General liability policies).

The highly specialized services, combined with the high technical skills of our teams, have allowed Special Risks to expand and improve the services offered by C&A group in business lines increasingly required by the market.