We perform updated assessments of the risk by carrying out the following activities:

  • Drafting of reports following our technical on-site inspections at the Companies’ premises before the signing of the insurance agreement or to update the risk status in case of already covered activities;
  • Inspecting the raw material, their physical and chemical properties, their production process, the sewage system layout and their storage with examination of the sites conditions;
  • Collecting certifications, safety reports, authorizations, technical documents, certificates, monitoring and performance tests results, together with verification of the administrative and regulatory compliance of the inspected firms;
  • Processing the collected material in order to draft our final report on the risk related to the production activity according to the coverage provided by the involved policy

In particular, in the “art” sector we offer:


  • Artwork appraisal assisted by art experts;
  • Scanning and univocal filing of each artwork in collaboration with experienced IT companies, for easy access and confrontation in case of claim