In order to fulfil the task, the following activities are carried out:

  • First and immediate contact with the emergency response team activated by the insured party to handle the incident (rapid-response consultant, computer specialist, crisis counselor and any
    other similar professional figure provided by the insurance agreement);
  • Study of the policy wording;
  • Collecting the first information on the IT infrastructure, on its settings and on the restoration carried out following the incident, in order to submit a first report to the Company;
    the report will include the incident timeline as well as the possible value of the damage and it will point out which heads of damage could be eligible for compensation;
  • Collecting any additional document and information aimed to thoroughly reconstruct both the incident and the following activities, as well as to identify the incident causation and the relevant liabilities;
  • Collecting the financial documentation necessary to verify the internal data and to assess the damage;
  • Final processing of all the collected material

    Following breaches of Privacy
  • Technical support following personal data and/or digital identity breach notification
  • Controls and damages quantification following personal data theft