We offer a service for the investigation and damage assessment on assets of historic and artistic interest, through experienced in-house and external experts, enrolled in the relevant professional register.

Areas of expertise:

  • Ancient paintings (from XV to early XX century)
    Italian and foreign paintings; support in:
    - Attribution / historical artistic evaluation;
    - Assessment of the state of conservation;
    - Evaluation of the current market value for any
    use (legal, partition, insurance etc);
  • Frescoes and decorations with different
    painting techniques (dry and tempera):
    - Assessment of the state of conservation;
  • Canvas, panels, frescoes, stone and sculptures:
    - Assessment of the state of conservation;
    - Refurbishment interventions assessment;
  • Furnitures and carpets:
    - Estimation of the good’s value and damage
  • Real estate with historical and artistic value
    (architectural value)
    - Damage assessment