Our expertise derives from over 30 years of experience and includes the activities of claims adjusting as well as prior environmental risk assessment and update.


For every claim, all over Italy, we carry out the following activities:

  • Research and analysis of the causes of the contamination;
  • Views on liability;
  • Views on policy coverage

We provide:

  • Support to the policyholder while dealing with the competent authorities (Municipality, Province, Region, local health authority, etc.);
  • Support to the policyholder in drawing up documents and technical reports in accordance with the current regulations;
  • Supervision of the contamination clean-up projects and activities;
  • Loss assessment;
  • Technical and/or administrative testing and support;
  • Choice of a specialized firm and/or technicians for the first intervention and the following cleaning-up, when needed;
  • Technical support in case of court proceedings against the party charged with liability
Davide Pavon
Davide Pavon
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Qualified as Safety Coordinator pursuant to Title IV of Legislative Decree 81/08
  • Member of the Register of Technical Consultants of the Court of Venice
  • Lecturer at the Master of Forensic Engineering organised by the Order of Engineers of Venice, lecturer and Tutor of CINEAS
Team Manager
Francesca Cercato
Francesca Cercato
  • Degree in Engineering for the Environment and the Territory
  • Master "ERAM" - CINEAS
  • Postgraduate course "Liability for environmental damage, remediation and insurability of environmental risks" c/o University of Milan - October 2010
Technical secretariat
Ilenia Zagallo
  • Technical Expert for Tourism
Marco Colosso
Marco Colosso
  • Degree in Civil Engineering, class VIII (year 2006)
  • Master Cineas "Loss Adjustment - Advanced "
  • Master IPSOA - Walters Kluwer Group "Environmental Expert "
  • Specialisation course in fire prevention at the Venice Fire Brigade for the purposes of enrolment in the professional roll of the Ministry of the Interior, law 848/84.
Riccardo Rioda
Riccardo Rioda
  • Degree in "Industrial Chemistry" and Master's degree in "Chemical Technologies for Industry and the Environment"
  • Specialist course "School of Advanced Training for the remediation of contaminated sites - Risk analysis, monitoring and verification of interventions" (2014)
  • Master "Responsibility for environmental damage, reclamation and insurability of environmental risks" at the University of Milan - Faculty of Law